About SumCor

As a small business owner, you are bombarded with miracle-like offers that promise to make your business successful. Most of these offers include a large price tag. You have probably also encountered those marketing companies and web design firms who try to dazzle you with vague statistics and the current industry buzz-word terminology. We don’t operate that way!

When we work with a client, we view them as a partner. Our goal is to help our partners reach their business goals. If we do that, they will continue to use SumCor for their business marketing needs. It’s that simple.

SumCor Values (this is the important part):


From expectations and capability, to timelines and billing, honest communication yields the best results.


We will help you find creative, cost-effective ways to promote your small business and website.


We want to be more than just your web designer. We want to be your marketing partner. Everything we do revolves around one idea… The more your business succeeds, the more we succeed.