Mozy File Backup Update

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The next generation of Mozy file backup is here! Now, your MozyHome subscription includes automatic backup, file sync, and mobile access all together in your existing MozyHome plan—for the same price!

A more complete service

You know MozyHome as the best way to protect your photos, music, and important documents from disaster. As of today, we’re including Mozy Sync (known previously in beta as Stash) to your MozyHome plan. Now you can easily keep your most active files updated across multiple devices and the cloud. Need a photo or file? Just log in to your Mozy account, or use the Mozy app for iOS and Android devices to access the files in your backups and Sync folder on the go.

Your files, anywhere

You’ve got a smartphone. And a tablet. And a work laptop. And another one at home. But you want some of your files with you everywhere. Just add the Mozy Sync folder to your computers, and get the Mozy app for your mobile devices. Whatever you place into the Sync folder gets updated in real time across all your devices and the cloud.

For more information, visit Mozy.

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